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Careless selfies can result in injury or death

The cameras in smart phones provide a quick way to snap an image of the phone user, and with the proliferation of smart phones in everyday life, people are well acquainted with the term “selfie” to refer to taking pictures in this manner. However, in the past few years people have suffered injury or death while taking a selfie due to insufficient awareness of surroundings. Kentucky residents should be aware that not paying heed to dangerous surroundings can turn taking a selfie from a fun activity to something quite deadly.

According to Forbes, the number of people worldwide who have died from taking selfies has steadily increased. In 2014, 15 people died. In 2015, the number increased to 39. In 2016, the number escalated to more than 73 fatalities. Victims tend to be young, mostly 24 years of age or younger. In spite of the fact that women are more likely to take selfies, three out of every four people who died while trying to take selfies were actually men.

The true impact of a head injury

Kentucky residents who get involved in an incident that results in head injury can end up suffering from brain damage. This can take different forms and may result in different impacts on a victim based on the severity of the accident itself. Unfortunately, it will almost always result in the person's life being changed.

First, FindLaw points out that there are numerous types of head injuries. Some involve impacts, such as when a person falls or takes a hit. This can result in contusions or concussions, which are essentially bruising, swelling, and bleeding of the brain to various levels of severity. In other case there may be penetration injuries, in which a foreign object breaks through the skull and into the brain tissue. Brain injuries can even occur through the deprivation of oxygen, otherwise known as anoxia or hypoxia.

The car accident wasn't my fault -- how do I prove that?

Receiving injury in a car wreck is about more than just the physical pain and suffering. You probably already understand that surviving a car accident usually involves hefty medical bills and lingering emotional trauma. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about this is that you were not even at fault for the accident. But how can you prove the other driver was at fault?

Proving that the other driver was at fault involves demonstrating that he or she was negligent. While it might seem obvious to you, there are specific criteria that one's behavior has to meet before you can get the compensation you need. Here is how proving negligence works during a personal injury claim in Kentucky.

What is personal injury?

You may hear often about people going to court for a personal injury case in Kentucky. You may be left wondering what exactly personal injury is because these cases vary so much. It can get quite confusing because of the variations and the different things that fall under the personal injury umbrella. Knowing what this area of law is can help you if you should ever find yourself on either end of a personal injury case.

The American Bar Association explains that personal injury law really boils down a case revolving around whether one person is responsible for another person's injuries. This could cover a lot of ground. It includes everything from car accidents to medical malpractice. Any time a court needs to determine liability for the suffering of someone else, it usually falls under personal injury.

Eligibility for workers' compensation in Kentucky

If you are employed in Kentucky, it is your right to know what type of benefits you may receive due to your employment. In addition to things like health insurance or paid holiday and vacation days, you may be entitled to some benefits if you ever become injured on the job or develop a work-related illness or condition. These benefits are called workers' compensation and may include financial compensation for lost wages, medical care and more. 

According to the Kentucky Department of Workers' Compensation, most employed persons in the state may be eligible for these benefits but not all. Among those who may not be covered by the state workers' compensation program are employees of federal organizations who have coverage via a federal program. People who work in the agriculture industry are not covered by the state program. Some people providing services as a domestic employee or who work for some religious organizations may also not be eligible for state workers' compensation benefits.

Sleep-related problems and divorce

There are all sorts of issues to consider when it comes to divorce, from factors contributing to a divorce (of which there are many) to the impact of separating with a spouse. In fact, there are a number of ways in which sleep-related problems can affect people from both of these viewpoints, and it is important to look closer into this issue if you struggle with a sleep disorder or are worried that you will have difficulty sleeping following your divorce. Many people have had a harder time sleeping after their divorce and there are different things to consider if you have these concerns.

First of all, some people may struggle with sleep-related problems that are so serious they ultimately lead to the breakdown of a relationship. Their partner may no longer want to sleep in bed with them and it may create a rift in the marriage. Moreover, some people develop sleep problems due to their divorce. For example, someone may struggle with extreme anxiety prior to court, or they may have a hard time adjusting to life (and falling asleep at night) without their ex.

What could invalidate a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements may act as insurance against a messy divorce since you and your spouse have hammered out delicate post-divorce issues in advance. Still, you should be aware that Kentucky courts can declare prenuptial agreements invalid under certain conditions. For this reason, you should be on the lookout for certain pitfalls that can cause a judge to throw out your prenuptial agreement.

The Kentucky Bar Association explains that state courts have identified criteria that may invalidate prenuptial agreements. In the court case Gentry v. Gentry, it was determined that courts may strike down part of a prenuptial or all of it if any of three criteria should occur. First, a spouse should not use fraudulent means to obtain the agreement from the other spouse. Secondly, the agreement cannot be unconscionable in nature. Finally, circumstances since the agreement was composed cannot have made the agreement unfair to enforce.

How do I file for workers' compensation?

If you suffer an injury at work in Kentucky, you may want to file a claim with workers' compensation. This is insurance your employer carries for the specific reason of covering employee injuries. You may get money and other benefits by making a claim, especially if your injury is severe enough to cause you to take time off work. However, before you can get any benefits, you have to file your claim.

The Labor Cabinet wants you to note there is a change in the system for filing a workers' compensation claim as of July 1, 2017. You can no longer file a paper form. You have to file through the Litigation Management System. This online system allows everyone involved to have easy access to the information in the claim. It also makes it much easier to gather all the required information and organize it. Plus, it reduces paper waste, which is always a good thing.

Marital problems: Is your relationship at risk for divorce?

No matter how long ago or recent it was when you and your spouse exchanged vows, chances are, you've experienced a variety of emotions in your relationship since then. Every couple has good days and bad days. Life situations can greatly affect how you and your spouse are getting along. If you have financial trouble, someone gets sick or a crisis event occurs, it can place a heavy strain on your relationship. In fact, there are certain issues that, if left unresolved, often lead to divorce.

It's no secret that although many people enter marriage assuming it will last a lifetime, it doesn't always happen. The overall divorce rate throughout the nation has been declining in recent years, except for those who are age 54 and beyond -- the rate has more than doubled in the past 20 years for this age group. If your marriage is struggling, you might relate to other spouses who ultimately decided that it was better to sever their ties than stay in unhappy relationships.

The causes of the worst kinds of bone breaks

Breaking one of your bones is serious business. Some bone breakages are minor enough to require moderate medical care and recovery, but the worst kinds of bone breaks can be very painful and life threatening. It is helpful to understand what can cause the most damaging bone breakages so you know what to expect when you go to a Kentucky hospital for treatment.  

According to Orthoinfo, the severity of a bone breakage will vary depending on the amount of force exerted against the bone. For example, if you were in a car wreck, the force that slammed against your arm or leg may be only moderately greater than the breaking point of your arm or leg bones. In such a case, your bones would likely crack but not break all the way through.

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