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Push for kinship families to receive financial assistance

There are many reasons why Kentucky children may require the care of someone other than their biological parents: death, incarceration, hospitalization, drug use, etc. Sometimes Social Services take custody of these children. As a result, they go into the state system, which often involves placing them with foster parents previously unknown to them. In other situations, a relative or family friend may assume care of these children, whether on a permanent or temporary basis. 

The advantages of someone with an established relationship with the child assuming responsibility for his or her welfare over placing the child in the care of strangers should be evident. However, the state of Kentucky currently does little to reward the generosity of these individuals and couples in terms of financial support. Foster parents licensed with the state receive $750 a month in state assistance for every child they take in. By contrast, most relative and fictive kin caregivers do not qualify for state assistance at all. 

Advances in medical care resonating in workers' comp programs

For many companies in Kentucky, their top priority when managing injured workers is getting them back to their job as quickly as possible to minimize the impact their injury has on job performance. For injured workers, this is a similar goal as they often wish to begin collecting their pay again as quickly as they can. However, medical clearance is usually required by both the employer and the workers' medical provider before they are allowed to resume their tasks. 

One innovative method that some employers are looking seriously at implementing is the use of telemedicine in their workers' compensation programs. When a worker receives an injury on the job, there is an option of using telemedicine to virtually recommend treatment options and provide instructions from a virtual perspective. Utilizing national guidelines, medical professionals will ascertain whether or not the injured worker should be treated by a physician. 

Is my loved one being abused in a nursing home?

Nursing home abuse is a very serious matter. While you expect your loved one to be provided quality care by staff, this is not always the case. WebMD explains the common signs of nursing home abuse and how you can get help for your loved one when it occurs. 

Most residents of nursing homes need help with daily chores and tasks. In this case, it's up to the staff to provide assistance, whether it's with grooming, meal preparation, or medication administration. When this assistance is lacking your loved one may exhibit certain signs, such as an unkempt appearance, bed sores, weight loss, dirty clothing, and rashes. While neglect falls short of abuse, it can still have a massively damaging effect on a person. This is true from both a physical and psychological perspective. 

Can your ex-spouse relocate with your kids?

It goes without saying that moving on following your divorce in Greenup County requires a good deal of adjustment on the part of both you and your ex-spouse. This is particularly true if thw two of you have children together. Yet adjustments can only go so far while still honoring the terms of your custody agreement. What happens if your ex-spouse decides that they want to move away and take your kids with them? Do you have any legal recourse in order to force a modification of your custody agreement should this happen? 

Fortunately for you, the answer to that question is yes. First off, your ex-spouse cannot just move away and then notify you. They must first submit a notice of their intent to both you and the court. According to the Kentucky Family Court Rules of Procedure and Practice, you have 20 days to respond to that notice. If you have visitation rights only with your children (and the proposed relocation would interfere with your exercise of those rights), you can file a motion with court requesting a modification to your visitation schedule. 

Is there ever a good reason to deny my ex visitation?

It is not uncommon for divorced parents to feel resentment or even hostility toward each other. Depending on the circumstances of the breakup, you may have your own negative emotions regarding your ex, and this may make it difficult to work together as parents.

In your own mind, your feelings about your ex or other circumstances may justify your decision to refuse to allow your ex access to the children for court-ordered parenting time. However, this could have serious ramifications that could affect you and your own custody rights. While there may be sound and reasonable motivation behind denying your ex custody or visitation, you should be careful to seek legal advice if you feel you are in such a situation.

What can you do to prevent motorcycle accidents?

According to statistics published by State Farm, 80% of motorcycle accidents result in serious injury or death. Sadly, the majority of motorcycle accidents are preventable. The best way to prevent Kentucky motorcycle accidents is to educate yourself on some of the best motorcycle accident prevention tips.

The most obvious way to stay safe when riding your motorcycle is to gear up. Wear a helmet, durable riding boots, eye protection, gloves and long pants and sleeves. Make sure your pants and coat are made of a durable material such as leather. If you plan to ride at night or in adverse weather conditions, suit up in bright colors, reflective elements or both. Protective gear can only do so much if a motorist does not see you.

Possible health risks posed by liposuction

People undergo liposuction to remove fat from their bodies that diet and exercise will not get rid of. Because this procedure carries risks, liposuction is not to be undergone lightly. Because of this fact, it is the duty of a Kentucky physician to inform you about all the potential health problems that could result from a liposuction procedure and to review your fitness as a liposuction candidate.

The Mayo Clinic explains that some of the greatest risks to your health may occur during the liposuction procedure. The shifting of fluids as doctors inject and suck out fluids has the potential to create dangerous problems with the heart, the kidneys or the lungs. Fat that is broken off during surgery could become ensnared inside a blood vessel and be transmitted to the lungs or brain. This is known as a fat embolism and can be fatal if not dealt with at once. In rare instances, a surgery tool could puncture an organ, which could be deadly to the patient if not repaired quickly.

Why might your employer reopen your workers' comp case?

If you sustained an injury at your Kentucky place of employment, you may have filed for and received workers' compensation. After you begin to receive your benefits, you may assume the workers' comp board has closed your case that there is no risk for further dispute. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. Even after the workers' comp board closes your case, certain circumstances may arise which may require reopening the claim. FindLaw explores those circumstances more in depth.

There are five major reasons the workers' comp board may agree to reopen a case: the injured party experienced a change in medical condition; the board discovered a mistake or error in the claim; the insurer overpaid the injured party; the injured party committed fraud; or a mutual mistake of material fact exists. While it is common for injured parties to reopen cases for changes in medical condition, insurers may reopen a case for any of the other four reasons.

Can technology protect motorcyclists from distracted drivers?

As the weather warms up, you might be ready to get back on your motorcycle and hit the open roads. However, as a motorcyclist, you know that doing so can be dangerous. Distracted drivers are everywhere in Kentucky, and you are particularly vulnerable if you are riding on a motorcycle.

Could evolving technological advances protect you and other motorcycle enthusiasts? New crash avoidance technology could help alert distracted drivers to dangerous behaviors that lead to accidents. This technology is not a solution to the problem, but it might help reduce the number of people who receive injuries or die in motorcycle accidents.

How does birth trauma occur?

Despite popular belief, most pregnancies in Kentucky and the greater United States end in successful deliveries. However, that does not mean that all births will go as planned. According to Birth Injury Guide, on average, 29 out of every 1,000 babies born in the U.S. will sustain some kind of birth injury during labor. Though birth trauma can occur for any number of reasons, including improper handling of a newborn by medical staff or incorrect use of instruments, there are certain factors that may increase a baby's risk of sustaining a birth injury.

Birth trauma does not always entail permanent, disabling or life-altering injuries. Sometimes, birth trauma may refer to a fracture or even cut that the baby sustains during the labor and delivery process. Birth trauma is more common in developing countries such as Latin America, Africa and Asia but still occurs in two percent of live births in the U.S.

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