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Reacting when your children ask difficult questions about divorce

When you and your spouse start the process of getting divorced, the significant changes that are being made will not go unnoticed by your children. The new challenges you are facing will likely require that you or your spouse relocate, it may require that your children change schools and you will be faced with having to make difficult decisions about custody. At Hensley Law Office, we have helped many families in Kentucky to work through the most challenging aspects of settling a divorce. 

Addressing the questions that your children may have about your divorce can be challenging and stressful as you try to decide which approach will be the most effective and appropriate for their ages. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that each of your children will react differently and that the way you answer will often fluctuate depending on the ages of your children. 

What incidents aren't covered by workers' compensation?

No matter what your job is, Kentucky workers like you may someday find yourself facing dangerous and potentially harmful situations at work. Whether you’re a secretary or working in factories with heavy machinery or volatile chemicals, workplace incidents can happen anywhere.

But what incidents are covered by workers' compensation? We'll take a look at the situations without coverage first, courtesy of FindLaw. According to them, several types of incidents are not covered by workers’ compensation, including the following.

Which workplace injuries should I be worried about?

What constitutes a workplace injury? While you might immediately think of major accidents and severe injuries, these are not the only dangers you face while on the job. Indeed, you could even be at a higher risk for more "routine" injuries, such as sprains.

This can make staying safe on the job problematic. Even if you closely follow safety regulations and use proper equipment, you could still get hurt doing something as simple as performing repetitive motion or other common job duties.

Who is responsible for sidewalk accidents?

As colder weather begins trickling into Kentucky, it is common for thoughts to turn to snow and ice. This is something you cannot prevent. When it gets slick outside, you may worry about the walkways immediately around your home and the paths you use to get to your vehicles. However, you also should keep any sidewalks in front of your home in mind as well.

According to Western National Insurance, you may be liable if someone gets injured on the sidewalk in front of your home. The most common injuries come from falls due to the sidewalk being slippery. If snow or ice is left on the sidewalk, it can pose a serious hazard. As the property owner, you have the responsibility to clear the sidewalk within a reasonable time after a storm.

What happens with issues regarding children in a divorce?

One of the most contentious parts of a Kentucky divorce is often child custody. Obviously, you want what is best for your children, but what you feel is best, your spouse may not. Coming to an agreement is often difficult. The court will step in and make the final call if needed, but before it gets to that point, you do have some rights to make requests for certain things that may help the court, your children and you.

According to the Kentucky Court of Justice, if there are disputes about visitation or custody, you can ask for things from the court. You may ask the court to refer your case for mediation. This will allow you and your spouse to discuss the issues and try to work out a solution. You also may ask the court to appoint a guardian ad litem for your children. You can also request other professional appointments.

Injuries common among restaurant and food service workers

As someone who makes your living working in a Kentucky restaurant or food service setting, you may understand all too well that your job brings with it inherent dangers. Regardless of if you work in a high-end establishment, a fast-food setting or somewhere in between, the work environment-specific risks you face remain similar, and recognizing where your hazards lie may help you learn how to avoid them. At Hensley Law Office, we understand that restaurant and food service worker injuries can prevent you from earning an income, and we have helped many clients in similar professional roles seek recourse in the aftermath of a work-related accident.

Per Restaurant Programs of America, some of the risks restaurant and food service workers face involve the risk of suffering sprains, strains and related injuries caused by heavy lifting. As a server, you may suffer shoulder, back, neck or other repetitive motion injuries due to repeatedly carrying heavy trays, plates and so on. Hosts and kitchen workers, too, run the risk of suffering such injuries, with hosts often having to move heavy tables, and kitchen workers regularly having to unload food deliveries and perform similar repetitive tasks.

Getting your life back on track

It is natural to expect certain things when living in a civilized society. Courtesy, stability and, of course, a certain level of safety are just a few of the basic requirements you might have. At Hensley Law Office, we expect the same things — and we believe our work in securing monetary damages for our clients helps promote this type of safer society. 

Unfortunately, some Kentucky property owners choose to prioritize their own personal gain over the observation of fundamental societal values. This irresponsible mindset is often what causes the conditions necessary for you to suffer a debilitating accident. Even if it were the slippery floors or the broken sidewalks that physically caused you to fall, the main source of liability for this premises injury would likely be negligence on behalf of the property owner. 

Your job may present more hazards than you think

Like many Kentucky residents, you may love your job. While you may have some days where you do not want to go in, you enjoy what you do overall. You have possibly even held the same job for a number of years and never felt particularly compelled to change professions.

Despite your enjoyment of the job, you could face a number of hazards that could put you at risk for illness or injury. Even if you do not think you have a dangerous job, you could still end up involved in a work-related accident or face some type of exposure that leads to injuries or illness. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has five categories of common workplace hazards.

Is there standard visitation schedule?

If you are headed to court to determine a visitation schedule for your children after your divorce in Kentucky, then you are likely wondering what to expect. While the main goal of the courts is to keep both parents involved equally in a child's like, that is not always possible. If you are your ex-spouse did not come to an agreement on a visitation schedule, the court does have a standard schedule that it may use.

According to Westlaw, the standard visitation schedule outlines weekly visits, along with holidays and vacations. Vacations generally follow school vacation schedules. For example, spring break is alternated between you and the other parent each year. For summer break, the court breaks it down by age. If your child is under a year old and you are the non-custodial parent, you get three days with the child. If the child is between one and two, you get one week. For children between two and four, you get two weeks. For children over the age of five, you get four weeks, but do note that you can only have two continuous weeks at a time.

What are the first steps to take after a motor vehicle accident?

After a car accident on a Kentucky roadway, you will probably experience a lot of emotions such as fear, anger or disbelief. Between the emotional shock and any physical injury you may sustain in the accident, it may be difficult to think straight and remember the steps to take immediately following an accident.

FindLaw has provided a list of important first steps to take. By reviewing these steps and referring to them in the event of an accident, you will not only help to safeguard the status of your insurance claim, but you may even help to save a life.

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