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What proof do you need to support an injury case?

| Feb 6, 2018 | blog, Firm News

Accidents on roadways cause multiple types of damage to those involved. The range of risks varies widely: driving within a mix of other drivers who may be distracted, under the influence of alcohol, speeding to work or any other number of factors. You never know who is driving around you and what may happen next. When crashes occur, damage follows, vehicles and bodies can be greatly harmed as a result.

Insurance companies are businesses and like any other business, many wish to retain as much profit as possible. When dealing with an insurance company about your injuries, the adjuster could offer you a lower settlement than you truly deserve. Too often, victims in accidents are treated unfairly by insurance agencies that seek to retain their own profits. Legal action helps defend yourself against unlawful treatment and unfair settlement offers.

Luck favors the prepared

Being prepared in general makes life much easier, especially when your compensation amount is at risk. In order to support your injury case with an insurance company, be prepared with as much documentation relating to the accident as possible. This includes photographs, police reports, medical bills and any other information directly relating to the accident and any other item you think may help your case.

An attorney could help you prove your case and gather the documentation to show liability on the other party. Additionally, medical bills can demonstrate severity of your injuries and provide necessary proof that the injuries are tied to this accident claim.

How the negotiation works

You and the insurance adjuster will go head to head with conflicting amounts until a settlement agreement is made or you decide to take legal action. The claims adjustor offers an amount based on the accident information collected and that is why it is important to be prepared with copious amounts of information. Here are some suggestions that might elevate your settlement amount:

  • Know the minimum amount you are willing to accept from the start.
  • Keep this amount to yourself as you negotiate.
  • Stay open to the factors in your accident that could lower your settlement amount.
  • Avoid accepting an offer you feel is unfair.

Personal injury cases can be the target of unfair settlement offers for insurance agencies seeking to avoid rightful payouts. Sometimes, the best way to move forward after a car accident is to have legal support defending your case and your rights under the law.

What other challenges exist when negotiating settlement amounts with insurance adjustors?