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2017’s top OSHA violations

| Apr 20, 2018 | Firm News, workers' compensation

Sometimes, accidents happen. When it comes to injuries that happen on Kentucky construction sites, though, many are preventable. According to the National Safety Council’s Safety and Health magazine, many of these events in 2017 were the direct result of safety violations on the part of employers. 

Here are the violations that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued the most citations for in 2017.

1. Failure to meet fall protection standards

OSHA handed out nearly 7,000 citations for violations in this category. These failures included not providing guardrails, nets or personal protection such as harnesses for those working more than six feet above the ground. Uncovered holes such as open skylights on roofs were also among the safety hazard violations.

2. Failure to develop and implement hazard communication systems

At 4,652 violations, lack of safety training was a major problem for workers last year. Many were not provided with information and training to prevent injuries and illnesses from harmful substances they were regularly exposed to in the course of their duties.

3. Scaffolding

Working on platforms above ground level is inherently dangerous. Even so, OSHA found 3,697 situations where employers did not meet basic safety standards in the past year. Workers were expected to climb crossbraces or lift themselves to another level because they did not have the appropriate ladder or steps. Many worked on scaffolds that were set up on uneven or unstable surfaces, were missing planking or did not have guardrails. 

Safety and Health magazine reports that workers on construction sites are most likely to be fatally injured in fall accidents.