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A common reason for many personal injury claims in Kentucky is car accidents. Motor vehicles are the most dangerous form of travel, so it is no surprise that they result in countless injuries each day. The reasons such accidents occur are varied, but one identified cause is aggressive driving. This is also referred to as road rage, which WebMD describes as purposeful unsafe driving actions that disregard safety. 

Road rage can be minor or severe. An incident could be as simple as cutting in front of another driver because you are annoyed by how slow they are going. More severe incidents include instances of drivers shooting other drivers. It is not always easy to determine why you may suffer from road rage, but in its most basic form it is caused when you are offended by how someone else is driving. However, going from being annoyed by another driver to taking physical action against that driver requires there to be underlying aggression. 

In some cases, road rage may be linked to stress. With crowded roads and people rushing to get to wherever they are going, you may often feel stressed out when driving. It does not help when other drivers break laws and drive erratically or unsafely. This may trigger intense feelings of anger that lead to road rage, especially if you are driving under these conditions every day.

Road rage can happen to anyone. The majority of incidents, though, involve young men. This information is for education and is not legal advice.