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May 2018 Archives

Complications associated with cesarean sections

These days, more than one out of every four women across Kentucky and the nation give birth through a cesarean section, which is a serious procedure that requires a surgeon to remove your baby through your abdominal wall and uterus. Though increasingly popular, C-sections present numerous risks for mother and baby, and giving birth through this method is often far more dangerous than having a regular, vaginal delivery. At Hensley Law Office, we recognize that devastating consequences sometimes result from C-section deliveries, and we have assisted many women and their families who experienced hardship after delivery pursue recourse.

How can spinal cord injuries affect a person’s life?

We usually imagine spinal cord injury victims in wheelchairs, unable to use their legs or in some cases even their upper body to perform the kinds of tasks that people in Kentucky do in everyday life. However, spinal cord injuries do not necessarily result in just paralyzed limbs. Because the spinal cord is the primary transmitter for nerve signals to the rest of the body, there are many ways a spinal cord injury can impact your quality of life.

Does my employer have to have workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation is a great program that helps ensure you are protected if you are injured on the job. It also protects your employer because it prevents you from suing in court. The program is handled by the state. In Kentucky, most employers will have to carry workers' compensation insurance, but the Department of Workers' Claims explains some employers may be exempt.

What is the basic divorce process in Kentucky?

There may come a time in your marriage when you feel like things are at an end. Regardless of what has led to this decision, your next step is to file for divorce in a Kentucky court. This process can be confusing, so knowing how to do it can help make things easier for you. After all, divorce is a tough enough situation for anyone.

Teach your teen precautions for driving on unpaved roads

It’s hard to believe that your child is teenager. You remember the day they were born like it was yesterday. Memories of their first steps, words and when they learned to talk are easy to recall. You’ve been watching your child flourish and grow. You taught them how to walk, ride a bike—both with and without training wheels—and now it’s time for them to get behind the wheel.

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