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Complications associated with cesarean sections

These days, more than one out of every four women across Kentucky and the nation give birth through a cesarean section, which is a serious procedure that requires a surgeon to remove your baby through your abdominal wall and uterus. Though increasingly popular, C-sections present numerous risks for mother and baby, and giving birth through this method is often far more dangerous than having a regular, vaginal delivery. At Hensley Law Office, we recognize that devastating consequences sometimes result from C-section deliveries, and we have assisted many women and their families who experienced hardship after delivery pursue recourse.

Per AmericanPregnancy.org, any surgical procedure brings with it inevitable risks, and C-sections are no exception. As a mother delivering a baby via this method, you are much more likely to experience substantial blood loss than you would through a vaginal delivery. In fact, somewhere between one and six out of every women who have C-sections end up needing blood transfusions in their aftermath.

You may also experience complications following a C-section that have the capacity to impact any additional births. If scar tissue or adhesions form within your pelvic area, this can lead to problems with future deliveries, such as placental abruption or placenta previa. Infections are also a legitimate concern anytime you go under the knife, and so, too, are nicks or cuts to your body or organs.

Your infant, too, faces increased risk when you deliver him or her through a C-section. Though relatively rare, your physician may nick or cut your baby during the birthing process. Your baby is also more likely to have breathing issues and a lower APGAR score when you have a C-section delivery. Find more about birth injuries on our web page.

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