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July 2018 Archives

Mistakes after an accident can bring trouble later

A trip to the store, to work or home from an event can quickly become the scene of pain and suffering if you are involved in a traffic accident. A motor vehicle accident can send your day into a tailspin. If you suffer injuries, you may find that you are unable to return to your normal routine for days, months or perhaps never.

How can I tell if I am too drowsy to drive?

There are many reasons why drivers stay on the road for too long. Some people are trying to reach a vacation spot in another state, while commercial truck drivers may be ferrying a load across long distances. Regardless, people who drive for an extended period of time without rest could experience drowsiness. Fatigued drivers can suffer impaired ability to safely navigate Kentucky roads and put themselves and other people at risk.

Why older people are more prone to falling

As an aging resident of Kentucky, you may have begun noticing that you may not be as mobile as you once were, or that you are less steady on your feet than you were in your younger years. This is not at all uncommon, because as you age, you may develop a series of age-related risk factors that make you more likely to fall down and suffer a severe injury as a result. At Hensley Law Office, we recognize that seniors face numerous risks that make them more likely to suffer a slip-and-fall accident, and we have helped many seniors who suffered injury because of another’s negligence attempt to hold the negligent parties responsible.

How is property divided in a Kentucky divorce?

Whether you have just filed for divorce or you are considering legal separation, you may be faced with the task of dividing your marital property. In some cases, distributing everything you have accumulated during your marriage can be daunting and a bit emotional. You may have become attached to certain items and it can be hard giving those things away. It is important for you to understand how property division works to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to in the divorce settlement.

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