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How can I tell if I am too drowsy to drive?

| Jul 25, 2018 | Firm News, personal injury

There are many reasons why drivers stay on the road for too long. Some people are trying to reach a vacation spot in another state, while commercial truck drivers may be ferrying a load across long distances. Regardless, people who drive for an extended period of time without rest could experience drowsiness. Fatigued drivers can suffer impaired ability to safely navigate Kentucky roads and put themselves and other people at risk.

The Centers for Disease Control lists a number of warning signs that you might be in danger of falling asleep at the wheel. One indicator is that you are not controlling the vehicle as well as you should. You may be drifting as you drive down a lane, perhaps sliding too close to one side or another. This can put you in serious danger of striking another vehicle that is passing by. You may also hit a rumble strip on the side shoulder. Rumble strips are indents placed on road shoulders to alert unwary drivers that they are sliding off the road.

Your mind may also start to dull. For instance, you may plan on taking a specific exit off an interstate but miss it completely. You may have not even noticed the exit as you passed it by. Drowsy drivers can also miss stop signs and street lights. Missing a traffic stop can cause a collision with another vehicle that is properly observing the traffic rules. Fatigued motorists may also find it hard to remember where they are or the last several miles of their journey.  

A driver that recognizes these signs should pull over to recuperate. If there is another qualified driver in the vehicle, the first driver can trade places and ride as a passenger for the next leg of the journey. Some drowsiness may also be the result of sleep apnea. If drowsiness is the result of a medical condition, the driver should be medically examined to diagnose the problem and find the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

While this article is written to provide information on drowsy driving problems, it does not provide readers with any legal advice.