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Mistakes after an accident can bring trouble later

| Jul 31, 2018 | Firm News

A trip to the store, to work or home from an event can quickly become the scene of pain and suffering if you are involved in a traffic accident. A motor vehicle accident can send your day into a tailspin. If you suffer injuries, you may find that you are unable to return to your normal routine for days, months or perhaps never.

In the moments following a collision, it is understandable to have all the uncertainties and what-ifs swirling in your head, and this can make it difficult to know the right thing to do. It is easy to make mistakes at the scene of an accident, but some mistakes can be costly. To avoid this, it is wise to be aware of some of the common mistakes people make after an accident and how they can affect your pursuit of fair compensation.

Do you know what to do?

Because a traffic accident, especially one with injuries, can be an emotional time, your natural defenses may take over, preventing you from thinking clearly or noticing pain. Your instincts may take over, causing you to do things like express an apology or make excuses that the other driver’s attorney or insurer may interpret as you taking responsibility for the accident. Saying as little as possible following an accident can help you avoid the most common mistake drivers make.

You may believe that something you did behind the wheel caused the accident. However, without all the facts, you may not have a clear picture of what occurred. There may be circumstances of which you are not aware, such as the other driver’s blood alcohol content or the conditions of the road. It is best to keep quiet about your guilty feelings until your attorney advises you on what to say.

Other common mistakes drivers make after accidents include the following:

  • Failing to seek medical help for injuries, even if they seem minor
  • Accepting a fast settlement offer from an insurance company before knowing the extent of your injuries or damages
  • Signing anything that releases the other party from liability
  • Neglecting to collect evidence from the scene, such as pictures and witness information
  • Refusing to seek the advice of an experienced attorney

A motor vehicle accident can quickly send you down a path of legal issues that may be confusing and unfamiliar to you. A skilled Kentucky attorney can assist you in protecting your rights and pursuing the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries.