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At Hensley Law Office., we know that workers’ compensation claims cases in Kentucky are sometimes seen as threats by employers. We believe there are several factors that could contribute to this stigma:

  • Insurance premium rates might go up even when employees collect benefits they deserve
  • Small companies might not understand the claims process, believing that denial is the final word
  • Managers might see any additional paperwork as an undue burden

We know that there is no shortage of reasons a company might have for wanting to avoid a lawsuit involving an employee’s injury at work. That is why we endeavor to promote an understanding of the process in our clients and their employers alike. 

One of the first challenges we face in any given workers’ compensation case is often the presence of an adversarial atmosphere between our clients and their organizations. While we are not in the business of direct diplomacy, we do tend to help repair this relationship by communicating our knowledge of the procedures necessary for favorable resolution of workers’ comp claims cases in Kentucky. When our clients are able to present ordered and simple requests for information to their employers, if necessary, everyone involved understands the requirements for success; this often dispells fear.

We also attempt to underline the fact that it is the insurance company, not the employer, that has denied the claim. We find that a significant percentage of our clients are not entirely aware of the identity of their adversary in the case, and that this information helps them feel better about their employer. Please read more by continuing to our main site.