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Some of the more common human errors that lead to car crashes

| Aug 31, 2018 | Firm News

To some people, it may seem as though the state of Kentucky gives out driver’s licenses a bit too freely. You certainly have shared the road with someone that makes you scratch your head and wonder how the person driving a particular vehicle even got a license.

Hopefully, that person goes on to reach his or her destination without hurting anyone, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Just about any human error can cause a motor vehicle accident, but some are more common than others are.

Common human mistakes that lead to crashes

When it comes to car crash causes, the following causes often play a role:

  • Some people knowingly suffer from serious medical conditions that should preclude them from driving at least during certain times, if not all of the time.
  • Some people allow distractions such as their cell phones, passengers in the vehicle or other things to keep them from paying attention to the roadway. Distracted driving is fast becoming the number one cause of car accidents.
  • A lost driver could pose a danger to you as well. Sudden stops, unannounced turns and other movements may lead to accidents.
  • A driver focusing on a paper map or a GPS map takes his or her attention off the road.
  • Vehicle owners who fail to keep up on their maintenance may not believe they pose a danger to anyone else, but they do. Mechanical or tire failures that occur while a vehicle is in motion could lead to disaster.
  • Drinking alcohol and then driving is a well-documented cause of crashes.
  • Taking drugs, illegal or prescribed, and then getting behind the wheel could cause a catastrophe.

These are just some of the more popular ways that some drivers put themselves and other drivers in danger on the roadways.

What does this mean for you?

If another car crashes into yours and you suffer serious injuries through no fault of your own, you may be able to hold the other driver financially responsible for the medical expenses, lost income and other damages you sustained because of that person’s mistake and/or negligence. One of the first tasks in your claim involves ascertaining what factors led to the crash. These factors help provide the evidence needed in order to prove to the court that the other person’s negligence caused or contributed to the injuries you suffered.