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If you are hurt on the job in Kentucky, you probably will file a worker’s compensation claim. This can help you to get payment for any medical care you need and possibly help you recoup lost wages. Once you file a claim, it moves through the claims process, which according to the Labor Department allows the claim to be investigated so an approval or denial can be rendered.

To begin the claim is reviewed. During this process, a lot of basic checks are done. These ensure your included all the right forms and provided all the needed information. Every detail will be checked over. If you forgot to include something, you will be contacted. It is important to make sure you pay attention to any communication and respond within the time limits or your claim may be denied.

Your claim is assigned to a judge after the review is complete. The judge will then look over the claim. He or she may request further information. You will attend a conference where you may settle your claim or request a hearing.

If you take a settlement or go to a hearing where you claim is approved, you will end the process with an agreement. This outlines what you will receive from worker’s compensation. It will include medical payments and may include other payments, such as lost wages. If your condition involves ongoing healthcare, then that will be in the agreement as well. This information is for education and is not legal advice.