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When we think of dangerous driving, we usually imagine motorists who speed past the posted speed limit. While it is true fast driving is reckless driving, Kentucky motorists can also be dangerous if they drive too slowly. A slow motorist runs the risk of a collision if another driver approaching from behind cannot stop in time. Slow drivers also disrupt the flow of traffic as frustrated motorists try to pass by.

Esurance points out a number of reasons why people might drive slowly. Some motorists may not be familiar with the area. They might be tourists from out of town and want to take in the sights. Other drivers may have simply limited their driving to a nearby community and are passing through for the first time. These people could be keeping a close eye for a street that they do not want to pass up.

You also have drivers who have just gotten their licenses and feel insecure because of their inexperience behind the wheel. This is particularly an issue with teenagers. While teen drivers are commonly thought of as having problems speeding, there are adolescents who do not feel confident in their driving abilities and will drive slower, sometimes dipping speeds below the normal flow of traffic.

Some of the most dangerous slow drivers are those who are distracted while driving. A driver who is focusing on other tasks in the car, like eating, drinking, talking on the phone or texting has diminished ability to focus on the road. This may not only cause the person to slow down, but the motorist might not be sufficiently aware of other drivers and could end up in a collision.

Since slow driving can be a problem, does Kentucky law actually ban slow driving? According to Kentucky statute 189.390, a driver is forbidden from driving at speeds that will impede traffic movement that is “normal and reasonable,” unless the slow speed complies with the law or if it is needed to safely operate the vehicle. Additionally, it is possible to go too slow if a vehicle drops below “minimum” speed limits that are posted on some roads.

Even if Kentucky law does not specify slow driving as forbidden, slow driving can produce legally actionable consequences, including a collision that causes personal injury. When encountering a sluggish driver, be cautious. Do not tailgate. Instead, look for ways to safely navigate around the motorist.