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What are the first steps to take after a motor vehicle accident?

| Sep 25, 2018 | Firm News, personal injury

After a car accident on a Kentucky roadway, you will probably experience a lot of emotions such as fear, anger or disbelief. Between the emotional shock and any physical injury you may sustain in the accident, it may be difficult to think straight and remember the steps to take immediately following an accident.

FindLaw has provided a list of important first steps to take. By reviewing these steps and referring to them in the event of an accident, you will not only help to safeguard the status of your insurance claim, but you may even help to save a life.

Notify authorities immediately

When the police arrive on the scene, obtain the badge numbers and names of the responding officers. In accidents that involve physical injury, death or significant property damage, be sure that you call 911 to ensure that the appropriate personnel arrive to the scene in a timely fashion.

Check for injuries

People are more important than property, so check to make sure that everyone remains uninjured before assessing damage to vehicles, etc. Seek appropriate medical attention for any injuries that may have occurred. Be sure not to move anyone complaining or neck or back pain, or who is unconscious, except in case of a potentially life-threatening hazard, such as a fire.

Obtain documentation

Document damage to vehicles and any other property by taking pictures at the scene of the collision. Exchange insurance information, license numbers and contact information with the drivers of any other cars involved in the accident.

Contact your insurer

Get in touch with your insurance company and inform your representative what happened. Explain the situation thoroughly and answer all questions honestly.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember after a car accident is to remain at the scene until the police give you permission to leave. You may think that it does not matter if you leave the scene of a minor accident, but in the eyes of the law, that is a hit and run. Leaving the scene of an accident can incur serious criminal penalties, especially in the event of death or injury.

The information in this article is not intended as legal advice but provided for educational purposes only.