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It is natural to expect certain things when living in a civilized society. Courtesy, stability and, of course, a certain level of safety are just a few of the basic requirements you might have. At Hensley Law Office, we expect the same things — and we believe our work in securing monetary damages for our clients helps promote this type of safer society. 

Unfortunately, some Kentucky property owners choose to prioritize their own personal gain over the observation of fundamental societal values. This irresponsible mindset is often what causes the conditions necessary for you to suffer a debilitating accident. Even if it were the slippery floors or the broken sidewalks that physically caused you to fall, the main source of liability for this premises injury would likely be negligence on behalf of the property owner. 

Of course, most of our clients are as motivated by their own financial concerns as they are a sense of civil indignation. Medical bills are not cheap. Taking time off of work may unduly hurt our clients. We make a point to investigate fully and work tenaciously so that the monetary burden for recovery, lost wages and other damages falls squarely on those responsible for the injury. 

We sometimes see people struggling to admit that they were seriously injured by what should have been, by all accounts, a simple incident. We also know that a defense team’s attempts to diminish your accident could make it difficult to continue. We believe it is better to suffer a small amount of resistance from an unethical party than to face a lifetime of pain that is further complicated by financial hardship.

We represent our clients with compassion, diligence and tenacity in order to secure their financial futures and safeguard the members of our community against further injury. To learn more, please navigate to our main website.