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As someone who makes your living working in a Kentucky restaurant or food service setting, you may understand all too well that your job brings with it inherent dangers. Regardless of if you work in a high-end establishment, a fast-food setting or somewhere in between, the work environment-specific risks you face remain similar, and recognizing where your hazards lie may help you learn how to avoid them. At Hensley Law Office, we understand that restaurant and food service worker injuries can prevent you from earning an income, and we have helped many clients in similar professional roles seek recourse in the aftermath of a work-related accident.

Per Restaurant Programs of America, some of the risks restaurant and food service workers face involve the risk of suffering sprains, strains and related injuries caused by heavy lifting. As a server, you may suffer shoulder, back, neck or other repetitive motion injuries due to repeatedly carrying heavy trays, plates and so on. Hosts and kitchen workers, too, run the risk of suffering such injuries, with hosts often having to move heavy tables, and kitchen workers regularly having to unload food deliveries and perform similar repetitive tasks.

Burn injuries are another obvious risk associated with working in a restaurant or food service environment, and burn risks are plentiful in such settings. Kitchen workers can suffer burns caused by splashing grease and hot cooktops, for example, while servers can suffer burns caused by hot plates, spilled liquids and similar sources.

While sprains, strains and burn injuries are all common among restaurant workers, you also run the risk of suffering toxin or chemical exposure due to the nature of your job, and this is particularly true if you are involved in restaurant or food service cleanup. Certain cleaning agents contain chemicals that can burn or damage your eyes or skin, while others can prove fatal, if consumed. You can find more about work-related injuries on our webpage.