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If you are headed to court to determine a visitation schedule for your children after your divorce in Kentucky, then you are likely wondering what to expect. While the main goal of the courts is to keep both parents involved equally in a child’s like, that is not always possible. If you are your ex-spouse did not come to an agreement on a visitation schedule, the court does have a standard schedule that it may use.

According to Westlaw, the standard visitation schedule outlines weekly visits, along with holidays and vacations. Vacations generally follow school vacation schedules. For example, spring break is alternated between you and the other parent each year. For summer break, the court breaks it down by age. If your child is under a year old and you are the non-custodial parent, you get three days with the child. If the child is between one and two, you get one week. For children between two and four, you get two weeks. For children over the age of five, you get four weeks, but do note that you can only have two continuous weeks at a time.

Holidays, except major ones, are often alternated with you having the child one year and your ex-spouse having the child the next year. For the child’s birthday, it is spent with the custodial parent every year unless it is on a normal visitation day with you. You will share Christmas and Thanksgiving with you each getting a part of the day with the child.

The basic visitation schedule is to allow you, as the non-custodial parent, every other weekend with your child. This information is for education and is not legal advice.