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Who is responsible for sidewalk accidents?

| Oct 30, 2018 | Firm News, personal injury

As colder weather begins trickling into Kentucky, it is common for thoughts to turn to snow and ice. This is something you cannot prevent. When it gets slick outside, you may worry about the walkways immediately around your home and the paths you use to get to your vehicles. However, you also should keep any sidewalks in front of your home in mind as well.

According to Western National Insurance, you may be liable if someone gets injured on the sidewalk in front of your home. The most common injuries come from falls due to the sidewalk being slippery. If snow or ice is left on the sidewalk, it can pose a serious hazard. As the property owner, you have the responsibility to clear the sidewalk within a reasonable time after a storm.

It is important to note that if someone falls during a storm or immediately after a storm before you have had a fair amount of time to clear the sidewalk, you are not likely to be held responsible. This is because the person walking on the sidewalk must assume some responsibility for his or her own safety. If it is clear the sidewalk is slippery, he or she has the responsibility to find another place to walk.

However, you ultimately can be held responsible, so you should do your best to keep your sidewalks clear in the winter. Even in the nicer months, you should be aware of the state of your sidewalks and alert the city if they need repaired. This information is for education and is not legal advice.