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No matter what your job is, Kentucky workers like you may someday find yourself facing dangerous and potentially harmful situations at work. Whether you’re a secretary or working in factories with heavy machinery or volatile chemicals, workplace incidents can happen anywhere.

But what incidents are covered by workers’ compensation? We’ll take a look at the situations without coverage first, courtesy of FindLaw. According to them, several types of incidents are not covered by workers’ compensation, including the following.

It’s possible for a state to require you to go through drug or alcohol testing after an accident. You may be denied the possibility of compensation if it’s shown that you were acting under the influence at the time of the event.

How the injury happened is also important. For example, compensation can be denied if it was self-inflicted. If you are hurt as a result of breaking company policy, or if the accident happened while you were violating the law, that can also bar you from seeking compensation.

Finally, the location of the incident matters. In essence, if you weren’t on the job when you were injured, you can’t seek workers’ compensation benefits. This could potentially be an issue during cases where you have yet to clock in or have only just clocked out, but get injured on company property without actually being on the job.

Matters of workers’ compensation can be somewhat complex. For this reason, it’s best to seek out the aid of an attorney to help you decide how you want to pursue it.