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December 2018 Archives

Rainy days are prime for accidents in Kentucky

As long as the temperatures remain mild this winter, you may have little fear of driving, even if there is precipitation. You may be like many who worry about driving when the temperatures drop below freezing because road conditions may deteriorate rapidly. However, you may be interested in knowing that recent data reveals the most treacherous driving is not limited to snow or ice but includes rainy weather.

What is prior authorization?

Tactics that insurance companies use to cut their operating costs are known to add burdens to Kentucky policy holders who are seeking treatment for personal injuries. Fail first options are one such tactic, but insurers can delay a person’s efforts to receive coverage for their treatments in other ways. One of these methods is known as prior authorization.

When should you take a workers' comp settlement?

Kentucky employers and insurers who have lapsed in their duties to provide proper workers' compensation may start out feeling like a trial is a good option. However, you could find that your opponent in a workers' compensation lawsuit, after seeing the evidence you present, might offer a settlement agreement. These agreements would typically involve you receiving money in exchange for dropping the case against the other party.

What is a fail first option?

When you are recovering from a serious personal injury, perhaps resulting from an auto accident or a Kentucky workplace incident, you do not want an insurer to play games with your medical care. However, some insurance companies are making it harder for their policy holders to receive the best care possible. One of these ways is forcing people to go through “fail first” options.

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