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When should you take a workers’ comp settlement?

| Dec 21, 2018 | Firm News, workers' compensation

Kentucky employers and insurers who have lapsed in their duties to provide proper workers’ compensation may start out feeling like a trial is a good option. However, you could find that your opponent in a workers’ compensation lawsuit, after seeing the evidence you present, might offer a settlement agreement. These agreements would typically involve you receiving money in exchange for dropping the case against the other party.

Give me feel like these types of resolutions the other people off easy. In fact, a settlement is a very common way of ending a civil case. Some conflicts might even reach a conclusion before you would have a chance to file official papers. You probably want to think about a couple of issues before you accept one of these offers.

As explained on FindLaw, settlement offers are often part of a long-term defense strategy. The initial amount an insurer or an employer might offer you could represent their best-case scenario, with little regard to the strength of your case. If this amount could meet your minimum requirements for maintaining your quality of life and recovering from your injuries, it could turn out to be a good deal. However, this is rarely the case, especially with serious workplace injuries.

You may want to sit down and examine your important financial documents, such as medical bills, home loans and annual household budgets before you set your minimum requirements for an injury settlement. Everyone’s situation is different, so it would be next to impossible to estimate a figure without taking a look at the details of your case. Please do not regard this as specific legal advice. It is only educational material.