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At Hensley Law Office., we have noticed that Kentucky divorces rarely happen in a vacuum. Usually, couples find that the increased stress of an unforeseen circumstance, such as a financial problem or a disagreement on child rearing technique, may contribute to the dissolution of a marriage.

One of the most common factors we see precipitating divorces are injuries, usually those someone sustains in the workplace. We find that these incidents have the potential to suddenly alter the amount of support one partner can provide, reduce household income or even pressure a partner into the unwanted role of caretaker. 

If you were involved in a situation that required you to deal with both divorce and workers’ compensation lawsuits simultaneously, you would quickly understand that the two processes are significantly interrelated. Not only are the two often caused by the same incident, but you may also need to consider the order in which you pursue each action.

For example, you might expect to receive money from a personal injury or workers’ compensation case if you were injured at work. As a single person, it would be relatively easy to manage these funds, using them for your recovery and for maintaining your way of life. However, if you were married, it could be more difficult to retain these resources in certain cases.

You do not have to try and figure out all of the possible outcomes by yourself. In fact, it would likely require the work of several people to come up with a plan that works for you. Please continue to read on our main site.