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Marital problems: Is your relationship at risk for divorce?

| Jan 25, 2019 | Firm News

No matter how long ago or recent it was when you and your spouse exchanged vows, chances are, you’ve experienced a variety of emotions in your relationship since then. Every couple has good days and bad days. Life situations can greatly affect how you and your spouse are getting along. If you have financial trouble, someone gets sick or a crisis event occurs, it can place a heavy strain on your relationship. In fact, there are certain issues that, if left unresolved, often lead to divorce.

It’s no secret that although many people enter marriage assuming it will last a lifetime, it doesn’t always happen. The overall divorce rate throughout the nation has been declining in recent years, except for those who are age 54 and beyond — the rate has more than doubled in the past 20 years for this age group. If your marriage is struggling, you might relate to other spouses who ultimately decided that it was better to sever their ties than stay in unhappy relationships.

Problem issues that often prompt divorce

Have you and your spouse grown distant from each other? Do you constantly bicker or have you stopped talking to each other altogether? The following list shows you are not alone in your struggle, as many other spouses say they experienced those issues and several others before filing for divorce:

  • Parenting can be a rewarding experience, but it can also cause problems in your marriage, especially if you and your spouse disagree about issues related to your children.
  • Some spouses complain that their partners kept placing their kids ahead of their marriage. They filed for divorce when they were no longer willing to play second fiddle.
  • Most Kentucky spouses face financial problems at some point in their marriage. If money is a consistent matter of contention between you and your spouse, you are at greater risk for divorce.
  • The intimate relationship between spouses is intensely personal, which is why problems in this area can weigh heavily on a marriage. Infidelity, as well as dissatisfaction, are key factors in many divorces.
  • Extended family members can knowingly or unwittingly cause problems in your marriage. A spouse who puts extended familial relationships before his or her marriage is asking for trouble.
  • Some spouses say they grew tired of waiting for their plans, dreams, expectations and hopes to come to fruition in their marriage. A spouse who never keeps a promise or makes no effort to improve a relationship is placing stress on a marriage that might ultimately cause a permanent rift.

As you read this list, you might have recognized one or more issues as problems you and your spouse have experienced. Maybe your relationship has reached a point of no return and you have decided that your best option is to go your separate ways. Such a decision means you will face more decisions, especially if you have children.

Take one step at a time

Kentucky spouses often feel liberated and completely stressed out at the same time once they file divorce papers. Regardless of what led to your decision, if you try to handle everything at once, you may feel overwhelmed. Divorce has financial, logistical and emotional implications. It’s a good idea to research state laws and to talk to someone who can help you devise a settlement plan that fits your needs and helps you lay the groundwork for a successful future.