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The causes of the worst kinds of bone breaks

| Jan 23, 2019 | Firm News, personal injury

Breaking one of your bones is serious business. Some bone breakages are minor enough to require moderate medical care and recovery, but the worst kinds of bone breaks can be very painful and life threatening. It is helpful to understand what can cause the most damaging bone breakages so you know what to expect when you go to a Kentucky hospital for treatment.  

According to Orthoinfo, the severity of a bone breakage will vary depending on the amount of force exerted against the bone. For example, if you were in a car wreck, the force that slammed against your arm or leg may be only moderately greater than the breaking point of your arm or leg bones. In such a case, your bones would likely crack but not break all the way through.

In some cases, however, individuals end up in traumatic situations where their bones are hit with such force that they break or even shatter. Some automobile accidents are devastating enough to cause this to happen. The impact of a gunshot can also make bones shatter. Even a disease might cause bones to break, such as a case of osteoporosis.

People may tell they have broken a bone because of the pain they feel in the afflicted area. They may not be able to move a limb or shift around without feeling agony. Visible signs of a damaged bone include bruising or swelling of the skin near the injured site. More severely, a piece of bone could pierce the skin. These kinds of fractures can be especially dangerous since the wound and the bone may become infected.

The causes of the worst kinds of bone breakages involve traumatic events, including auto accidents and being shot by a gun. The Cleveland Clinic also identifies sports injuries as a cause of bone damage. A football player might take a hard impact on the field and shatter a bone. In addition, people could suffer a bone fracture simply by tripping and falling on an unsafe property.