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People undergo liposuction to remove fat from their bodies that diet and exercise will not get rid of. Because this procedure carries risks, liposuction is not to be undergone lightly. Because of this fact, it is the duty of a Kentucky physician to inform you about all the potential health problems that could result from a liposuction procedure and to review your fitness as a liposuction candidate.

The Mayo Clinic explains that some of the greatest risks to your health may occur during the liposuction procedure. The shifting of fluids as doctors inject and suck out fluids has the potential to create dangerous problems with the heart, the kidneys or the lungs. Fat that is broken off during surgery could become ensnared inside a blood vessel and be transmitted to the lungs or brain. This is known as a fat embolism and can be fatal if not dealt with at once. In rare instances, a surgery tool could puncture an organ, which could be deadly to the patient if not repaired quickly.

Sometimes a person may not suffer a life-threatening injury from liposuction. However, the procedure does have the potential to leave permanent skin disfigurement. If the patient does not heal correctly, or if the fat is not evenly removed, or if the skin contains poor elasticity, the skin could look withered or bumpy. A cannula, which is a tube employed during liposuction, can also injure the skin and leave a spotted look that will not go away.

Heathline cautions that liposuction can also affect how the body will store fat in the future. Since liposuction eliminates fat cells in the parts of the body targeted by the procedure, if the patient gains weight in the future, the new fat will gather in other areas of the body. The danger is that future fat will be deposited near a vital organ like the heart or the liver.

The best move if you are considering liposuction is to discuss your concerns with your doctor and ask if you would be a good candidate for liposuction. Individuals that smoke, are overweight, suffer from chronic illnesses, or have a heart ailment are generally poor fits for liposuction. Your doctor may recommend alternative procedures for you to deal with weight issues. Conversely, if you are not properly informed about all the risks liposuction poses, you might choose a course of treatment that can result in serious injury or even death.