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Tips for divorcing a narcissist

| Jun 27, 2019 | family law

High-conflict divorces can be frustrating, especially if one partner is a narcissist.

While their charming and seductive characteristics may have made them seem perfect at first, their lack of empathy and self-centered intentions often reveal themselves over time.

In divorce proceedings, the narcissistic partner often sees the matter as a high-stakes game where winning is everything and may put up a stubborn front to tip the odds in their favor.

Dealing with them in court

Depending on the circumstances, these are some methods the non-narcissistic partner can implement:

  • Keep copies of everything: In many divorces, there can be a lot of “he said/she said” arguments that have conflicting storylines. The narcissistic partner may spend a significant amount of time crafting an emotional, malicious and sometimes believable anecdote they can tell the judge. By keeping records of conversations and other forms of evidence, the non-narcissistic partner can give a more accurate depiction of various situations.
  • Avoid the traps: When splitting from a narcissist, it can cause even the most level-headed people to lash out. Unfortunately, doing so is often precisely what the narcissist wants them to do as it can help them promote their case. To avoid these traps, the other spouse may want to watch what they say about their former partner to avoid fueling their need to retaliate.
  • Make sure professionals are aware: Sometimes, divorce professionals may blame both spouses for their inability to compromise. Because of this, the non-narcissistic spouse may want to tell their attorneys, therapists and other professionals who assist them that their spouse has manipulative and self-centered tendencies. This can help them understand what they are dealing with and adjust their approaches based on the circumstances.

Divorcing a narcissist can be stressful

While divorce can create emotional and financial distress for anyone, separating from a narcissist can exacerbate these matters even more. Those looking to split from a narcissistic partner will want a committed and diligent legal professional on their side. An attorney can advocate for their client in court and assist in gathering the evidence necessary to make a transparent case for their client.