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If you drive southwest of Russell for exactly 125 miles, you will come to the spot where the violent collision took place in the early hours of a Friday in July. A 10-year-old girl died of her injuries sustained in the car crash at the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital later that morning.

According to news reports, a Fayette County judge has lowered bond for the 24-year-old woman charged with murder in connection with the crash. Law enforcement officials say the Lexington woman was “extremely intoxicated” at the time she slammed her car into a vehicle carrying two adults and four children.

Bond for the allegedly drunk driver was originally set at $530,000, news reports stated, but has been lowered to $150,000, though she must post the entire amount before she can gain her release.

In addition to the vehicular homicide charge, Sequoyah Danielle Collins is also charged with first-degree assault (two counts) and two counts of wanton endangerment.

Collins is accused of driving at more than 80 mph in a 45-mph zone while intoxicated, officials said. Her blood was tested nearly four hours after the crash at .211 percent. The legal limit in Kentucky is .08 percent.

Five of the six people in the car were hospitalized after the high-speed collision.

Everyone understands the dangers of drunk driving, yet some ignore those abundantly clear and documented risks and put themselves and innocent others at risk of injury or death.

If you or a loved one is harmed by an impaired driver, contact a Russell attorney experienced in wrongful death and personal injury litigation.