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Don’t hurt your chances at getting help in worker’s compensation

| Aug 25, 2019 | workers' compensation

You hurt yourself on the job, and getting back to work is the only think on your mind. Workers’ compensation might help you manage until that’s an option, but a few common missteps could mean you’re jeopardizing the support you need.

Nearly 50,000 workers’ compensation claims were made in Kentucky in one year, according to recent reporting. With each of those claims comes a lot of red-tape, which can be very difficult to navigate. Understanding how to successfully get through all that bureaucracy could mean getting the assistance you need to get better.

Working through the claim

No two workers’ compensation cases are alike, but there are frequent similarities in missing out on full benefits:

  • Slow reporting: You’re generally expected to report the injury to your employer as soon as possible. Worse than slowing the healing process down, the insurance company may deny your claim altogether. The link between your job and your injury becomes less clear every day, and proving the connection becomes harder as time goes on.
  • Missing a few: You need to report the full extent of your injuries. Avoiding issues that seem minor, or that you’re unsure are related, could mean you miss out on coverage. Adding things to your claim that weren’t on the initial report can lead to the insurer second-guessing your account.
  • Refusing to return: If your employer offers you a reduced role while you recover, and you get the green light for returning to work, a refusal could mean your remaining benefits are at stake. If you don’t agree with the doctor’s assessments, you may be able to seek a qualified second opinion.
  • Returning to soon: The other side of the coin is returning too soon. If you head back to work before you’re physically ready, you could be at increased risk for reinjury. This could also put compensation benefits at risk that you may still need to recover fully.

Make sure you understand the common mistakes that occur when working through a workers’ compensation claim. Knowing the process and pitfalls could make all the difference in getting the help you need.