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By the numbers: Kentucky’s motor vehicle crashes

| Feb 4, 2020 | Motor vehicle crash

Motor vehicle crashes occur all across the Commonwealth of Kentucky in virtually every set of circumstances possible. Some are in rain, on weekends, at night and in rural areas. Others involve young drivers, impairment, pedestrians and broad daylight. No matter where the crash takes place, a law enforcement agency files a report and the who, what, where, why, etc. is entered into a database and then shared with lawmakers, police departments and residents.

Whether a crash is here in Greenup County or in the opposite end of the state in Graves County – and every county in between – accident factors are tracked, compiled and shared.

The most recent year in which this mountain of data was released was 2018, and the report is fascinating. Realistically, however, there are more numbers than most people would care to sift through, which is why we’ve taken a look and have pulled some of the most interesting facts for you to examine.

For instance, the state tracks the severity of injuries suffered by people who are in traffic wrecks and breaks those injuries into different types of crashes. A look at the chart reveals that slightly more than two-thirds of crashes involving injuries or fatalities are between moving vehicles, while approximately 20 percent involve collisions with fixed objects.

Pedestrian accidents account for another 2.7 percent of all injury or fatality crashes in the state, while other crashes involve overturned vehicles that did not collide with anyone or anything.

When you remove injuries from the equation, and consider only fatal accidents, you see the following:

38 percent of fatal wrecks involved collisions between moving vehicles
30 percent involved crashes into fixed objects
12 percent involved pedestrians

Some of most disturbing vehicle crashes involve a hit-and-run in which a driver leaves the scene in the hope of avoiding responsibility. In many hit-and-run injury cases – or perhaps in most of these cases – the hit-and-run driver leaves behind a helpless injured victim.

There were more than 12,000 hit-and-runs in 2018, including 17 fatal crashes. More than 1,100 people were injured in more than 860 hit-and-run wrecks.

On which types of roads did crashes take place? According to the state, the greatest percentage of all crashes took place on “state numbered” roads (34 percent), with 22 percent taking place on city streets. Twelve percent occurred on interstates and five percent were on county roads. Another 24 percent were on U.S. Routes, the report states.

Of course, statistics can be fascinating, but for those who have been hurt in a crash, the most important information they seek is who will pay their medical bills, compensate them for lost wages or make sure they get care and treatment in the future.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by another driver, get those questions answered by contacting a Greenup attorney experienced in personal injury litigation.