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Workplace injuries can be some of the most serious, especially when they make it impossible for you to continue working. If you get an injury during work, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation, which offers you benefits that can cover medical costs or loss of wages if you need time off from work.

Not everyone knows what to do if they receive an injury while on the job. You may not even be aware if your employer offers worker’s compensation.

To ensure that you get compensation after your injury, make sure to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Failure to report the injury. If you have a workplace injury, you must report it to your employer. Kentucky law requires injuries to be reported as soon as practical. Waiting too long to report your injury might result in loss of benefits.
  • Failure to disclose all injuries. It’s crucial that you report all your injuries, even small ones that don’t require as much medical care. If you leave any injuries out and choose to disclose them later, it can seem that you are trying to receive more benefits than entitled and therefore fraudulent.
  • Failure to keep medical records. Your medical documents are essential for worker’s compensation. You should store all your records and doctor’s notes in a safe place. The more information you can provide when you file your worker’s compensation report, the more you can explain the details of your injuries and how they’ve affected your life.
  • Failure to return to work. Once you have recovered from the brunt of your injuries, you should return to work. Many times, injured employees refuse to work for a lower wage or don’t want a lighter workload. However, refusing to return to work can be voluntary loss of income and you may lose the chance to receive any benefits.

If you sustain a workplace injury, you deserve the right to file a claim and receive compensation from your employer. Avoiding these mistakes can help you receive the benefits you need to overcome your injury.