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It’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month: Be Safe!

| May 25, 2020 | Motor vehicle crash

Kentucky can be a great place to live, but there is one issue that continues to plague residents: Car crashes. Car crashes are common in every state, but there are a few areas in Kentucky that see a significant number. For example, the Interstate 75 corridor can be particularly congested and difficult to travel on.

May is currently Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, with National Ride to Work Day approaching in mid-June on June 17. Motorcyclists are a great group of drivers to talk about at this time of year because they are at particular risk of being involved in a car crash with other motorists.

Did you know that motorcyclists are around 27 times more likely to die in a collision than other drivers or their passengers? This is because motorcycles have few safety features compared to other vehicles, like cars and trucks.

Interestingly, one of the safest pieces of gear to use, a helmet, is not required of all riders. It is required for those under the age of 21, those who have a motorcycle instruction permit and those who have been riding for a year or less. Prior to 1998, all riders had to wear a helmet in Kentucky.

Now is a good time to suggest that you do wear a helmet when you ride. When the old law was amended, motorcyclist fatalities skyrocketed by over 50%. It’s believed that wearing a helmet reduces your risk of dying by around 22 to 37%.

As you ride in Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, remember that you can take steps to protect yourself. If you do get hit, you’ll want to be as protected as possible against the impact, and a helmet can help.