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What is a third party claim and how can they help?

| Nov 28, 2020 | Motor vehicle crash

Accidents are often startling. Even after the shock wears off, physical injuries need medical examination, and financial burdens often come hand in hand with the recovery process. Many confer with their own insurance, filing a first-party claim.

But it is also possible to file a third-party claim, wherein a claim is filed against the insurance of the other person involved in the accident. This is possible even though you likely have no policy with them.

Similarities & differences

According to an article from Allstate, the general process behind filing a third-party claim may bear similarities to how the first party one was filed, but specific steps will vary depending on what insurance company you end up reaching out to. In the end, the circumstances and mechanism surrounding your injury will go under investigation, with the aim of figuring out who is responsible.

However, a key part to remember when first filing this kind of claim is that the other driver needs to have the coverage to make it possible.

What this means given that Kentucky is a no-fault state

So, thinking in terms of certain claims, that commonly filed first-party claim would focus on tending to one’s medical treatments. A third-party claim in a no-fault state would mean that the other driver’s insurance company would focus on looking into property damage sustained during the accident.

Because Kentucky has no-fault insurance, what a third party claim would apply to is often different. One’s own insurance will tend to focus on tending to medical treatments. The other driver’s insurance company will be examining property damage.

Dealing with an insurance claim can feel harrowing, as the company may contest the claim. No matter how open and shut you might think a case is, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to end up going your way. Reaching out to someone who has experience dealing with third party claims can make the process less stressful.