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Will my job be waiting when I heal from my work injury?

| Dec 22, 2020 | Firm News

Recovering from a serious work injury isn’t easy, and adding a job search could make it tougher. Even if you want to slide back into your old job when this is all over, it might not be there waiting for you.

Workers’ compensation can cover many costs that come with hurting yourself at work, but the benefits only stretch so far. Your job won’t be safeguarded while you’re gone, but that isn’t a guarantee that there’s no work waiting for you on the other side.

End of the line

A company could let you go while you’re collecting workers’ compensation payments, as long as the reason isn’t the claim itself:

  • You lost your job for a legitimate reason apart from your injury
  • Your position no longer exists
  • Another worker was brought in to fill your position

Where you left off

While there are a few reasons you may not return to your job, there are also several avenues for fitting back into the fold:

  • Holding out hope: If all goes according to plan, it may be possible to step back into your old position. This could be possible with smaller injuries and a shorter time away, but it becomes more difficult for a business when you’re out for a long time.
  • Old position, new look: You may get your old job back with a few changes. New working hours, accessibility accommodations or lighter responsibilities could be in your future.
  • A refreshed start: Sometimes, injuries make it difficult to perform your job, but there might be openings that don’t require as much strain. Your boss could offer a new position that better suits your situation.

Recovering from a workplace injury isn’t easy, but it can be even more difficult without a return to look forward to. Your job may not always be there waiting, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options for getting back on your feet.