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Workers’ compensation news: What to expect in 2021

| Jan 29, 2021 | workers' compensation

Workers’ compensation has been changing in the last year, and in 2021, you can expect that it will continue to do so. With the promotion of telemedicine techniques, the threat of illness in the workplace and large claims being filed by different groups, it’s not surprising that workers’ compensation may change in Kentucky and beyond.

Here is more about how workers’ compensation may be changing in 2021.

Telemedicine takes the lead

Insurance industries have seen big changes in the last year, and there are new challenges, too. Fortunately, there are some new benefits that workers will see. One of them is telemedicine.

In the past, workers would expect to go to the hospital or an outpatient facility to meet with a doctor after an injury, but with the likelihood of getting sick and attempts to slow the spread of illness during flu season, that’s changing. Now, telehealth is much more common.

Telemedicine allows employees to get treatment without having in-person visits or to have to wait to speak with a doctor. So, this helps in two ways. First, the employees are able to squeeze in appointments without having to travel. Second, they’re able to see a medical provider faster, since they don’t necessarily have to see someone local.

Keep in mind that the requirements for telehealth vary by state, so what works here in Kentucky may be different than what works in Ohio or West Virginia. Your employer should have more information about telehealth and if it’s provided through your workers’ compensation coverage.

Claims are expected to grow in 2021

Claims are expected to grow in 2021, both because of how many people will claim and because of the potential severity of those claims. With workers being pushed to the limit due to changes in society, it’s no wonder that there are more people getting hurt or falling ill on the job.

In 2021, workers’ compensation is going to see major changes, ups and downs. If you get hurt on the job or fall ill because you’re exposed to toxins, remember that workers’ compensation may be there to cover you.