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Push for kinship families to receive financial assistance

There are many reasons why Kentucky children may require the care of someone other than their biological parents: death, incarceration, hospitalization, drug use, etc. Sometimes Social Services take custody of these children. As a result, they go into the state system, which often involves placing them with foster parents previously unknown to them. In other situations, a relative or family friend may assume care of these children, whether on a permanent or temporary basis. 

Can your ex-spouse relocate with your kids?

It goes without saying that moving on following your divorce in Greenup County requires a good deal of adjustment on the part of both you and your ex-spouse. This is particularly true if thw two of you have children together. Yet adjustments can only go so far while still honoring the terms of your custody agreement. What happens if your ex-spouse decides that they want to move away and take your kids with them? Do you have any legal recourse in order to force a modification of your custody agreement should this happen? 

Sleep-related problems and divorce

There are all sorts of issues to consider when it comes to divorce, from factors contributing to a divorce (of which there are many) to the impact of separating with a spouse. In fact, there are a number of ways in which sleep-related problems can affect people from both of these viewpoints, and it is important to look closer into this issue if you struggle with a sleep disorder or are worried that you will have difficulty sleeping following your divorce. Many people have had a harder time sleeping after their divorce and there are different things to consider if you have these concerns.

What could invalidate a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements may act as insurance against a messy divorce since you and your spouse have hammered out delicate post-divorce issues in advance. Still, you should be aware that Kentucky courts can declare prenuptial agreements invalid under certain conditions. For this reason, you should be on the lookout for certain pitfalls that can cause a judge to throw out your prenuptial agreement.

Divorce and injury

At Hensley Law Office, PSC., we have noticed that Kentucky divorces rarely happen in a vacuum. Usually, couples find that the increased stress of an unforeseen circumstance, such as a financial problem or a disagreement on child rearing technique, may contribute to the dissolution of a marriage.

Reacting when your children ask difficult questions about divorce

When you and your spouse start the process of getting divorced, the significant changes that are being made will not go unnoticed by your children. The new challenges you are facing will likely require that you or your spouse relocate, it may require that your children change schools and you will be faced with having to make difficult decisions about custody. At Hensley Law Office, we have helped many families in Kentucky to work through the most challenging aspects of settling a divorce. 

What happens with issues regarding children in a divorce?

One of the most contentious parts of a Kentucky divorce is often child custody. Obviously, you want what is best for your children, but what you feel is best, your spouse may not. Coming to an agreement is often difficult. The court will step in and make the final call if needed, but before it gets to that point, you do have some rights to make requests for certain things that may help the court, your children and you.

Is there standard visitation schedule?

If you are headed to court to determine a visitation schedule for your children after your divorce in Kentucky, then you are likely wondering what to expect. While the main goal of the courts is to keep both parents involved equally in a child's like, that is not always possible. If you are your ex-spouse did not come to an agreement on a visitation schedule, the court does have a standard schedule that it may use.

Are there different types of guardians in Kentucky?

If you are considering applying for a guardian to take care of your disabled relative, you might have heard a number of different terms for a guardian. You have been told various words like “conservator” and “personal guardian,” but you do not know what they mean. Are they all terms for a guardian, or are they different roles completely? Fortunately, they are not hard to understand. These terms all refer to various types of guardians under Kentucky law.

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