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The causes of the worst kinds of bone breaks

Breaking one of your bones is serious business. Some bone breakages are minor enough to require moderate medical care and recovery, but the worst kinds of bone breaks can be very painful and life threatening. It is helpful to understand what can cause the most damaging bone breakages so you know what to expect when you go to a Kentucky hospital for treatment.  

Why is speeding so dangerous?

It is very common to drive over the posted speed limit on Kentucky roadways. Drivers do it every day. It is something society does not look down on. If you get a speeding ticket, nobody really says anything. While it is breaking the law, people do not consider it in the same way they consider other crimes. However, speeding is incredibly dangerous and puts everyone on the road at risk.

What is prior authorization?

Tactics that insurance companies use to cut their operating costs are known to add burdens to Kentucky policy holders who are seeking treatment for personal injuries. Fail first options are one such tactic, but insurers can delay a person’s efforts to receive coverage for their treatments in other ways. One of these methods is known as prior authorization.

What is a fail first option?

When you are recovering from a serious personal injury, perhaps resulting from an auto accident or a Kentucky workplace incident, you do not want an insurer to play games with your medical care. However, some insurance companies are making it harder for their policy holders to receive the best care possible. One of these ways is forcing people to go through “fail first” options.

Factors that contribute to dangerous stairs

Kentucky business owners and property owners should pay attention to a potential cause of personal injury that may be lurking on their properties. Cove Risk explains that the third leading factor of people dying unintentionally in the United States, according to the National Safety Council, is from falls. So anyone who owns or maintains a property should look to their stairs as a possible cause for injury and consider how to make them safer.

Who is responsible for sidewalk accidents?

As colder weather begins trickling into Kentucky, it is common for thoughts to turn to snow and ice. This is something you cannot prevent. When it gets slick outside, you may worry about the walkways immediately around your home and the paths you use to get to your vehicles. However, you also should keep any sidewalks in front of your home in mind as well.

Getting your life back on track

It is natural to expect certain things when living in a civilized society. Courtesy, stability and, of course, a certain level of safety are just a few of the basic requirements you might have. At Hensley Law Office, we expect the same things — and we believe our work in securing monetary damages for our clients helps promote this type of safer society. 

What are the first steps to take after a motor vehicle accident?

After a car accident on a Kentucky roadway, you will probably experience a lot of emotions such as fear, anger or disbelief. Between the emotional shock and any physical injury you may sustain in the accident, it may be difficult to think straight and remember the steps to take immediately following an accident.

What injuries are common after a fall?

Falls cause many serious injuries every year in Kentucky. While they are often more common in older adults who have trouble with stability and balance, they can happen to anyone. All it takes it one second for you to fall and end up with a serious medical situation. Falls can lead to many injuries due to the impact of your body on the ground.

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