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What does it mean to assume the risk?

If you have been hurt on another person’s property and you feel that the property owner should have done more to make the property safer or to provide fair warning, the owner might counter that you “assumed the risk” by crossing onto the property or engaging in whatever activity that caused the injury. Kentucky injury victims should be careful not to be tricked into assuming guilt for an injury that is not their fault.

How can I tell if I am too drowsy to drive?

There are many reasons why drivers stay on the road for too long. Some people are trying to reach a vacation spot in another state, while commercial truck drivers may be ferrying a load across long distances. Regardless, people who drive for an extended period of time without rest could experience drowsiness. Fatigued drivers can suffer impaired ability to safely navigate Kentucky roads and put themselves and other people at risk.

Why older people are more prone to falling

As an aging resident of Kentucky, you may have begun noticing that you may not be as mobile as you once were, or that you are less steady on your feet than you were in your younger years. This is not at all uncommon, because as you age, you may develop a series of age-related risk factors that make you more likely to fall down and suffer a severe injury as a result. At Hensley Law Office, we recognize that seniors face numerous risks that make them more likely to suffer a slip-and-fall accident, and we have helped many seniors who suffered injury because of another’s negligence attempt to hold the negligent parties responsible.

A person’s personality can change due to personal injury

People who suffer injuries to the head may experience aftereffects beyond just physical problems. A person who survives a brain trauma can undergo personality changes, sometimes to the point where the injury victim seems to be a different person than before the injury occured. Such changes can be long-lasting and should be taken into account as a Kentucky injury victim seeks counseling and rehabilitation.

Preserving your rights after a parking lot accident

Many Kentucky motorists are familiar with how to handle accidents on the road. But what if you get into an accident in a parking lot? Unlike public streets, parking lots are private property. Some people may not know what to do in the event of a parking lot accident and could forfeit valuable rights if they are not careful.

Complications associated with cesarean sections

These days, more than one out of every four women across Kentucky and the nation give birth through a cesarean section, which is a serious procedure that requires a surgeon to remove your baby through your abdominal wall and uterus. Though increasingly popular, C-sections present numerous risks for mother and baby, and giving birth through this method is often far more dangerous than having a regular, vaginal delivery. At Hensley Law Office, we recognize that devastating consequences sometimes result from C-section deliveries, and we have assisted many women and their families who experienced hardship after delivery pursue recourse.

How can spinal cord injuries affect a person’s life?

We usually imagine spinal cord injury victims in wheelchairs, unable to use their legs or in some cases even their upper body to perform the kinds of tasks that people in Kentucky do in everyday life. However, spinal cord injuries do not necessarily result in just paralyzed limbs. Because the spinal cord is the primary transmitter for nerve signals to the rest of the body, there are many ways a spinal cord injury can impact your quality of life.

What are the swimming pool enclosure requirements?

With warmer weather on its way, you may start planning on installing a backyard swimming pool. While you are perfectly able to put a pool on your property, you do have to obey local ordinances to ensure your pool is legal. Such regulations are put in place by Kentucky officials to help ensure safety. Every year children end up drowning in backyard pools. In some cases, the child wandered into someone else's yard, thus making that person liable. To help keep others safe and protect yourself, you must understand the enclosure laws in your area.

What is road rage?

A common reason for many personal injury claims in Kentucky is car accidents. Motor vehicles are the most dangerous form of travel, so it is no surprise that they result in countless injuries each day. The reasons such accidents occur are varied, but one identified cause is aggressive driving. This is also referred to as road rage, which WebMD describes as purposeful unsafe driving actions that disregard safety. 

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