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Accidents Are Particularly Dangerous For Riders

Car and truck accidents involving motorcycles are very dangerous – mostly for the rider. Because motorcycles have no protective surroundings, riders face severe injuries in a crash. Any rider who suffers physical or emotional damage because of a motor vehicle accident deserves to recover compensation.

If you are a rider who experienced a crash, Hensley Law Office, PSC, can help you. From our office in Russell, we represent riders of all varieties throughout the state, including in Ashland, Greenup County, Lewis County, Carter County, Boyd County and beyond. Together, we can fight for maximum compensation to help you pay medical bills, fix your bike and move on with your life.

What Injuries Can Accidents Cause?

As we discussed, motorcycle crashes can cause devastating injuries to riders. Some of the most serious injuries include:

The effects of an injury can last a lifetime. If another party contributed to your injury, you have the right to seek compensation for your damages.

Motorcyclists Deserve The Benefit Of The Doubt

Riding motorcycles is a popular pastime in Kentucky. Numerous residents love nothing more than climbing on their bike and taking off for a few hours. Despite the popularity of riding, many people — including insurance adjusters and court judges — still put the blame on riders when an accident occurs.

You deserve the benefit of the doubt, and Hensley Law Office, PSC, can help establish it. If another driver or party was liable for the crash, we can work to demonstrate this for insurers and the court.

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