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At Hensley Law Office, our staff is dedicated to excellence in client advocacy. From the personalized attention we devote to your case to the targeted legal strategies we design, we are committed to helping you obtain the justice you deserve.

Trusted Service During The Difficulties Of Probate

The time after a loved one passes is a sensitive one and can create stress for the family. In those moments, it is not unusual for old family arguments to arise. With an attorney to protect your priorities, you can address these issues without creating a new rift in your extended family.

At Hensley Law Office, we have been working in a wide variety of practice areas for more than 30 years. We offer experience and flexibility to our clients, but more than that, we make a point of listening to what our clients need and working with them to resolve difficult probate matters.

What Is Probate?

Probate is when a court must distribute an estate to the deceased’s heirs. While some, or even all, property can circumvent the probate process with proper planning, it’s not always possible to take those steps. The process of probate includes:

  • Consolidating a list of all assets
  • Resolving the deceased’s debts from those assets
  • Distributing remaining assets according to the will

Should a person pass without a will, the court will distribute the estate according to Kentucky’s succession laws.

Attorney Jeff Hensley has the legal background and knowledge needed to move an estate through probate court as the law requires. On top of that, his considerable experience provides our clients with confidence that their case will be handled correctly and efficiently.

We Make A Difficult Moment A Little Easier

The most important benefit of coming to our firm for your probate needs is that we take over this burden. We handle the paperwork. We go to the courtroom. We speak to the judge. We provide you with all the information you need to make the right decisions for your family.

We take pride in helping people across northeastern Kentucky get through this as quickly and simply as possible. Call our office in Russel today at 606-393-6407 or by emailing us.