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Protecting Your Workers’ Comp Claim

It may have been the lower back twinge that has evolved from a minor annoyance to a major disability or the fracture caused by a slip and fall that has affected your ability to operate machinery at your job site. Regardless of the type of injury, if you were hurt during the course of completing a task at your place of employment, you should receive workers’ compensation benefits to cover the costs associated with treating the injury.

For over three decades, Jeff Hensley of Hensley Law Office has been providing legal advice to employees like you who have been injured at work. He recognizes that you may have delayed filing a claim because you are worried your employer will retaliate. Jeff has substantial experience as a workers’ comp attorney in promoting the interests of employees as they file for benefits and appeal claim rejections. He is the legal advocate who can ensure that you receive a fair settlement for occupational injuries. With law offices in Russell, Hensley Law Office serves clients in Greenup, Carter and Lewis counties and throughout Northeast Kentucky.

Follow These Steps To Ensure Your Claim Is Approved

After suffering an injury, it may be tempting to ignore the pain and hope your condition will heal on its own. Taking a wait-and-see approach may prevent an immediate awkward encounter with your supervisor; however, this strategy will prove harmful in the long term.

Instead of ignoring your aches, be proactive by taking these steps:

  1. Inform your supervisor immediately.

In order to protect your claim, you will need to notify management. You will not be able to receive your benefits if your employer does not know that you’ve been hurt.

  1. Seek medical help.

Unlike other states’ policies, Kentucky’s laws allow most employees to select their own physician for treatment, rather than relying on a company-approved physician. In addition to paperwork filed by supervisors, documentation of injuries provided by hospital staff will support your claims.

  1. Follow the advice offered by medical professionals.

To receive a settlement, you need to prove that you followed your doctor’s instructions for rehabilitation of the injury. Failing to follow up with appointments or to continue to receive treatment can undermine your claim.

  1. Document the circumstances leading to your injury.

If you are able, write down as many details as you can remember about the factors present at the time of your accident. Record your co-workers’ observations to strengthen your account. Should you try to recall facts days after an incident, the days’ delay may cause you to forget important information.

  1. File your paperwork in a timely fashion.

In Kentucky, you must file for benefits within two years of the incident. Missing this deadline will erase the possibility of you receiving payment for medical bills, lost wages or disfigurement.

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The state of Kentucky offers wide coverage for employees under its compensation laws, but only if you follow the procedures it has established. Arrange a meeting with our principal lawyer, Jeff Hensley, to determine the best course of action to take. Call his office in Russell at 606-393-6407 or complete our contact form.